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Do’s and Don’ts of Going To An RV Park


Maximizing Your Experience At An RV ParkRV Set Up Next to a Picnic Bench

Whether you’re on a trip with your family, a close group of friends, or both, taking an RV around the country is quite the experience. There’s no doubt that at some point during your trip you’re going to be spending a night or two at an RV park. These are great spots to not only regroup, but have some fun as well. Here are a few do’s and don’ts to keep in mind when going to the RV park.

Do Bring Fun “Offline” Activities

One of the best aspects about going on an adventure in an RV is that it gives you and the people you’re with an opportunity to connect on a more personal level. Even though some RV parks do offer WiFi for their guests, there is so much more you can do instead. Rather than staring at your phones all day or worrying about what’s going on with work, take advantage of being offline. Make sure you bring some good group board games, a few decks of cards, and a small speakers that you can set up to play some relaxing tunes. RV parks also give enough space to set up fun outdoor games like corn hole, Kan Jam, Spike Ball, or even just playing catch with a football or baseball. Besides the bonding aspect, things like board games should be on your ‘to bring’ list for those days where it’s raining out and you’re going to be stuck inside.

Don’t Neglect RV Maintenance

Your RV is going to get a lot of usage over the course of your trip, and so it’s extremely important that you have a good idea of how to inspect and care for it. RV parks are the ideal spot to perform a number of basic upkeep tasks. This is your mobile home after all, so make sure you’re checking tires, and gauging different levels for washer fluid, gas, and oil. You also need to empty out any tanks that have filled up over the course of your trip to this point. By taking care of your RV during breaks at RV parks, you’re going to set yourself for a more seamless trip the rest of the way. There’s nothing worse than getting on the road only to realize you forget to perform a task essential to the maintenance.

Do Keep Your Area Tidy & Organized

Even though you may have had a long trip to get to the current RV park, you always need to be courteous of other guests in your campground area. Make sure you and the people you’re with are cleaning up after themselves, and not leaving trash around that can find its way into other campsites. Everyone need to be responsible for what they bring. The less chaotic your space in the RV park is, it will be easier it will be to not only clean up later, but also leave when you’re ready.

Don’t Stay Cooped Up Inside

The most important aspect of having fun at an RV park? Don’t stay inside! Take advantage of being close to nature, and make sure you spend some time doing outdoor activities. You are camping after all, so go on a few hikes, do some bird watching, or even go fishing if you’re in an area where it’s permitted. Don’t hide in your RV and avoid all the beauty around you throughout the course of your trip.