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Fun things to do around Woodland Oaks RV Estates







RVers love adventure. It’s why we buy RVs. (They are called Recreational Vehicles for a reason!) When you stop by the Woodland Oaks RV Estates, check out these fun spots. Some will bring out your wild side, some will bring the wild side to you and others will bring out your inner artist. Whatever, you’re into, this area of the San Antonio country has what you need.



If you’ve never had a glob of paint flying at your protective facemask at 280 feet per second, then you ain’t RV Livin. Paintball has been a family fun adventure for decades. What better way to passively aggressively get back at a loved one for forgetting to dump the RV black tank then to snipe them from your perch?

Near the Woodland Oaks RV Estates there are two amazing paintball parks.

Go on a night mission and take out your enemies at missionairsoft. Visit their calendar of events and find out when their next night op is occuring. There’s only one way for this country to be safe. You have to exterminate those vicious fiends destroying our great country (whoever you think they may be!)

Play a traditional game of capture the flag, or try VIP Transport—this strategy involves a squad having a “VIP” who must be protected at all cost. There’s also Team Deathmatch, Kill Confirmed and a number of other vicious and pure carnal, fun games.

Want all out war? Go to Ares Battlefield. Be the God of War you were meant to be at this location. Best part of Ares Battlefield, they are within walking distance of the RV park.

Go alone and conquer your enemies or go with your family and experience revenge. The parks are children friendly. They each have fun games that are child safe and appropriate.


Enjoy one of the most beautiful parks in San Antonio and the only park in South San Antonio. This habitat has hiking, fishing, bird watching, picnicking and more. It’s a great place to get your dogs (and your kids!) out of those cramped campers and out in the open space of the San Antonio country.

Try your feet on the El Chaparral greenway trail, which is a paved, 6.64 mile one-way (non-looping) trail that winds through both upland habitat and forests along the Medina River. Areas of the trail range from flat, Level One Access to steep and windy, Level Three Access.

For something more casual try the El Camino Trail. It’s a 0.23 mile paved trail that passes by the covered pavilion and ends at the Medina River. Connects with the Rio Medina Trail and is rated Level One Access.

Along the Medina river are numerous spots to see some wildlife, especially birds.  Visitors have the opportunity to see birds such as the Green kingfisher and Painted Bunting. Running along the natural area is one of the city’s paved greenways, providing a scenic out-and-back trail.

Whether you need to get away from the camper or just stretch your legs, Medina River Natural Area has something for you. And, best of all, it is only a few short miles down the road from the RV Park.


Braunig Lake is less than 5 miles away from the RV Park. It’s a top rated fishing and boating destination featured regularly on Kens5 Outdoors show. Depending on when you arrive, you may be able to catch a 20 lb or bigger fish. Here’s a tip to catch the big Red Drum fish from lake’s website: this schooling species may sometimes be located by watching for feeding activities by seagulls or pelicans. In winter, red drum may be found near the heated discharges. Crawfish and tilapia are very good natural baits; good artificial lures include spoons (gold and silver), rattle traps and trolled deep-diving crankbaits.

Other popular fish are largemouth bass, catfish, and Hybrid Striped Bass.

Relax on the lake and enjoy a beautiful sunset and then have a BBQ with the family. Play volleyball or frisbee or sit at the water’s edge and read a good book.


Woodland Oaks RV Estates IS in the country after all. And as they say, when in Rome! When you’re staying here at the park, you’d be remiss if you didn’t go to the classic R&J Music Pavilion right up the road.

This stop gives you the real country you grew up with (or maybe that you should have grown up with.) Visit their facebook page to see their constant list of shows. There’s always someone amazing on stage.


These ain’t no city restaurants. Surrounding the RV park are several excellent and down-home cookin restaurants you’ll not want to miss. Though you may want to go on a hike at the Medina to burn off some of that gravy.

Everybody Loves Raymond’s Tacos is a Woodland Oaks RV Estates Special Pick! You’ll fall in love with those tacos, guaranteed.

Home Plate Cafe is exactly what it sounds like. Simple comfort food. Great bbq and even better burgers.

J&S Smokehouse Try their turkey legs. Get a basket of chicken and some potatoes, sit outside under a tree and enjoy the life of a southerner.

Angelicas A cafe straight out of the country past. Simple means elegant here. Try their coffee.

Here are a few notable favorites, all of them within 3-4 miles of the park:

La Cabana Mexican Restaurant

Danny’s Bar-B-Que

Sister’s Kitchen

Azteca Grill

Rios Barbacoa


After all that adventuring, driving and eating, you’ll need a drink. You can’t come this far south and not find a good dive bar.

Watch a game with the locals at Pipos Lounge or play pool at Los Coronos Bar & Grill

The Woodland Oaks RV Estates itself has great scenery and even better access to the spots around southern San Antonio that, till now, only the country folk have been able to enjoy.