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Visit The Corny Side of San Antonio

There’s nothing wrong with being a little corny. And when you visit San Antonio, one spot you don’t want to miss is the Trader’s Village Flea Market and San Antonio Extravaganza (OK. I added the San Antonio Extravaganza). But it really does have everything San Antonio in one spot. This hangout might be corny, but it’s fun for the whole family.

There are over 1,000 vendors in this sprawling flea market, so make sure to bring your walking shoes. You’ll find everything from jewelry and tools to home furniture and rims. Plus, there are hidden gems you can’t find anywhere else in the world, because they’re exclusive to the San Antonio culture. This could be a religious trinket or a piece of pottery based in San Antonio’s 300 year tradition of decorative art.

Trader’s Village is more than just a flea market. It’s more than just a great location to buy fresh fruits and veggies. This flea market just opened up the first and only corn maze in San Antonio!

The Corn Maze:

This is not your average pumpkin patch maze. This is a real corn maze. The maze is over 10 acres in size, consisting of your choice of three trails.

First up is the easy trail for children. On this trail your small children can stretch their adventuresome side by exploring a small section of the maze. You can tag along with them or wait till they return out the other side.

The next trail is medium difficulty. This will take you anywhere from 30 minutes to one hour, depending on your skill in navigating a maze, of course. Don’t get too lost!

The last trail is, you guessed it, the hard difficulty. This one takes even the most skilled treasure-hunters at least an hour and a half to complete. For others it will take two hours or more. You’d better bring some bread crumbs to leave behind you for this one.

The corn maze is a great place to spend a few hours testing your navigation skills with your family. Which family can get out the fastest?

While Traders Village is open year round, the Corn Maze is only open October & November. Make sure to put this at the top of your list when visiting San Antonio!


The Market

Unlike other flea markets Traders Village not only has over 1,000 vendors, but also a wide assortment of differing vendors. This location likely has the most diverse grouping of vendors you will find at a flea market, and the prices are absolutely unbeatable.

If you’re a frequent visitor of flea markets then you know that one annoying factor are dirt floors. As you’re exploring the rugs, you find dirt floating in from the hundreds of stomping boots. Fortunately, Traders Village has all concrete sidewalk and no dirt. You can enjoy your turkey leg without worrying about getting a mouthful of dirt.

While buying your goodies, you can stop and enjoy the musicians placed throughout the venue. Traders Village is a great location to find all the uniqueness of San Antonio in one location. You may find a lone guitarist to serenade you or a full mariachi band to pluck at your fun chord.

The Entertainment

Besides musicians scattered about this huge flea market and corn maze, there are regular events and concerts to enjoy.

In October visit the market and enjoy Dia de los Muertas, the Day of the Dead. Or try Halloween Boo Bash (usually 2 or three days prior to Halloween). You’re children will love an extra chance to show off their horrifying costumes.

Check the calendar of events for all the exciting and unique treats. Here is a short list of regular events to find:

  • Amateur boxing
  • Live Wrestling
  • Crab Fest
  • Car Show
  • Roller Derby
  • And so so much more!

There’s more to the entertainment here than dudes in masks! This flea market doubles as a carnival. There are a dozen fun rides for both children and adults. Prepare your kids for exciting rides by taking them on the “bouncer,” which is a very small version of a drop tower that bounces the kiddies with joy, or plop them in the arcade while you enjoy your fruit cup.

Here are a few of the rides available:

  • Fleafall A 128 foot drop from a tower! This one is for adults only.
  • Pharaoh’s Fury sweeps like a pendulum, racing back and forth in an arc that soars five stories.
  • Fender Bender Bumper cars.
  • Rumpus Room A multi room, multi-story playground for kids.
  • StarDancer  travel up the 80′ tower and then the carousel begins to rotate.

And much more!

There’s so much to enjoy, eat, and revel in at the Traders Village. Most importantly, take the chance to spend quality time with your family and see San Antonio the way San Antonians see it.